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Advertising History Crossword Puzzle

By: Austin Martin 2nd Hour
Blackman in 1926 hired who as the first female art director at a major ad agency?
What type of marketing refers to the customers purchasing experience?
What spanned the continent in 1869 from coast to coast?
What prohibited employment of children under a certain age in 1914?
What is a film or video editing technique in which one scene or image on the screen abruptly end and another scene or image abruptly appears?
In 1927 the American public viewed a demonstration of what for the first time?
What freed the slaves in 1863?
What was the first full-service ad agency in 1902 offering copy creation, ad design, space brokerage, and media planning?
What amendment in 1920 gave women the right to vote?
Who made the first Mickey Mouse cartoon in 1928?
What are statistics about people grouped by their interests, attitudes, values, and habits called?
What occurs when an advertiser is engaging in marketing activities?
In 1908 who sold the first four-cylinder Model T automobile?
What is an effort in recent years by advertisers to focus on the experience that consumers have with a product rather than the product itself?
The first photographs in 1839 were called?
In 1870 the First Federal Trademark Protection law encouraged the use of advertised what?
The first printing press arrived where in 1639?
When advertisers pay producers of movies and television shows to have their products used by characters in those movies or television shows what is it called?
Pseudo-event is a form of what kind of marketing?
In 1934 the Pure Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Truth in advertising were what?
What is the number of people who are exposed to an advertisement or series of advertisements for a particular advertiser called?