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Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Mrs. Clemons
An open space under the acropolis used as a market and meeting place to debate issues.
Land with water on 3 sides of it.
He took over around half of the known world. (3 words)
A government where a couple people hold power.
Long poems about heroic actions.
A settlement in a new area of land that keeps close connections to its homeland.
A polis named after the Greek god Athena
The slaves of Sparta.
A polis known for its strong navy.
Someone who takes power by force and makes all of the decisions on their own.
A philosopher accused of teaching young children to rebel against the government.
The study of nature and what life means.
A fortified place.
A government where all citizens have a say in the government.
Greece won a war against them.
A Greek city-state.