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Chapter 9 US History Post World War 1

A treaty signed in 1928 that rejected war as a means to solving problems between countries.
The manufacture of goods in large quantities by machinery and by use of techniques such as the assembly line and division of labor.
A system of borrowing money from banks to make purchases, and then paying it back later with interest.
Paying for an item over a period of time with a series of small payments.
Citizen of another country living in the U.S.
Entrepreneur that began selling his Model T in 1908 and sponsored the development of the assembly line.
A federally owned piece of land in Wyoming: it was the center of a government scandal in 1921 when President Harding's Secretary of the Interior accepted bribes in return for allowing oil companies to drill for oil there in 1921.
A series of government attacks on suspected radicals in the United States led by the U.S. attorney general, A Mitchell Palmer.
Smaller towns that are located outside a larger urban area.
A mass-production process in which a product moved forward through many work stations, where workers performed specific tasks.
System in which companies provided fringe benefits to employees in an effort to promote worker satisfaction and loyalty.
A system of government in which there is no private property and there are not economic classes.
Italian anarchist immigrants who were on trial for their political beliefs as well as suspected robbery and murder.
Payments designed to make up for the damage of something.
Widespread fear of communism.