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History 100

He was insane and made his horse a consul
The number (in thousands) saved at Pentecost
He stood by atthe stoning of Stephen.
Caesar Augustus, Mark Antony and this man divided the Roman world in 44 B.C.
He probably dies during the reign of Nero
The peace of Rome
Jesus went , with three of his disciples, to this mountain where he ascended into the clouds.
Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount by this "sea"
The birth of Jesus is told in chapter 2
He declared the Messiah-ship of Christ and Saving grace at Pentecost
He founded Constantinople in 330 A.D.
Many of the converts at at Pentecost were Greek-speaking
One of the world's cruelest rulers
Another name for Augustus, the First Citizen.
The time the church was formed
Jesus rose on this day of the week
A teacher of the law who was Saul's teacher
He abolished the old tax system in Roman Empire
Peter was a key figure in his ministry
Augustus preserved the form of government but keep this for himself