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Walt Disney's Mary Poppins

Author: boo103169
What is Mrs. Banks cause
How much is a bag of crumbs
What ruins Bert's drawings
The bank live at 17 _______ Lane
How much sugar helps the medicine go down
When the movie opens what is Mary sitting on
What is on the handle of Mary's umbrella
Where do Jane and Michael go with their father
Michael says the new nanny shouldn't have what
When Mary holds your hand you feel so _____
You can fly your kite where the air is _____
What does Mary call her reflection
What makes Uncle Albert float
How many penguins does Bert dance with
What does Bert clean
Who lost Jane and Michael
What does Bert draw on
Mary tells Michael to "close your mouth, we aren't a _______"
What color is Jane's carousel horse
Mary Poppins is Practically ______ in Every Way
Mary says she will stay until what changes