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Ancient Greece

Author: Ricky Spicola
An open area below the acropolis that served as a market and meeting place to debate issues.
A Body of water with land on three sides.
Government in which all citizens share in running the government.
Long poems about heroic deeds.
Highest mountain in Greece; believed to be the home for the Greek gods and goddesses.
A type of government in which citizens choose a smaller group to make decisions for them.
What a person leaves behind when he or she dies
Spartan slaves
Government in which only a few people hold power.
A settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties to its homeland.
A government in which people decide laws and policies at mass meetings.
An independent Greek city-state made up of a city and the surrounding countryside.
Traditional stories about gods and heroes.
The study of nature and the meaning of life.
Someone who takes power by force and rules with total authority.
Tax collector and law enforcer in Sparta.