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What you might see at a handbell concert

Metallic alloy of our favorite percussive instrument
Ringer apparel so we look like an ensemble; also used on Halloween
Common page to keep us ringing together (better not see any photocopies!)
Lighter metal for larger bells
Tubular tuner
Directing stick
Fingerprint eraser
Hand coverings in black or white or tie-dyed...
Human component standing behind the table
Big chime display furniture
Square or rectangular support on legs
Singing tool
Holds the music above the table
Alternate arrangement of bells; National Seminar 2016 had a "forest" of them
Cushy layer to protect the bells
Black boxes that aid transport
Customized sign (usually cloth) that helps with name recognition
Common fabric for table covers
Group recipient of our music; usually sitting in rows
Adjustable holder for music; bass ringers love them
Let's do it again; requested repeat performance
One of schlepper crew
Holds the assortment of striking sticks
Our favorite shiny percussive instrument
"_ ____ handbells"; bowing mantra
Deserves attention
Striking stick with fuzzy or rubber head