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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What Do Vampires Cross the Sea in?

You're welcome for this awesome worksheet. 

-Lena Bo Beana
The endothelium is found in the tunica_________.
Induces vasodilation at the capillaries to help get oxygen to tissue cells
Tunica composed largely of loosely woven collagen fibers that protect and reinforce the vessel.
Shock that occurs when the heart cannot sustain adequate circulation.
Closer to the heart, arteries would be expected to have a higher percentage of what type of fiber?
Pulse and blood pressure, along with respiratory rate and body temperature
Causes blood volume and pressure to decline.
A source of resistance related to the thickness, or "stickiness," of the blood
Pressure wave caused by the expansion and recoil of elastic arteries
Blood from the brain is returned to the heart via the......?
Blood from the brain is returned to the heart via the......?
Hormonal control of blood flow
The vessels that exhibit the lowest level of permeability are the __________ capillaries.
Lowest level of aortic pressure.
Type of shock that is due to poor circulation resulting from extreme vasodilation.
Tunica that contains the endothelium (made of simple squamous epithelium).
Any condition in which blood vessels are inadequately filled and blood cannot circulate normally.
Tunica that is mostly circularly arranged smooth muscle cells and sheets of elastin.
Circulation that routes blood through a long loop to all parts of the body and returns to the heart.
The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure
The vessel layer that has a direct role in vasoconstriction is the __________.
Shock that results from large-scale blood loss.
Metabolic control of blood flow
Circulation that is a short loop that runs from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart.
Opposition to flow (a measure of the amount of friction blood encounters as it passes through the vessels).
Blood flows directly from __________ into capillary beds.
The volume of blood flowing through a vessel, an organ, or the entire circulation in a given period.
Up to 65% of the body's blood supply is found in __________.
All the forces acting on a capillary bed