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The force that holds atoms together
A characteristic of a substance that describes its ability to change into another substance
Smallest unit of an element
Colored chemical compound within a chloroplast that absorbs light
The number of protons in a nucleus
A sugar that is a product of photosynthesis
An element belonging to group 1 on the periodic table
Basic unit of structure and function
Elements in the same horizontal row of the periodic table
An organism that can make its own food
A wall of non living material that surrounds a plant cell
All living things are made of cells, the cell is the basic unit of structure and function, all cells come from preexisting cells
Matter is not allowed to enter or escape
A process where cells break down glucose and release energy
Single celled organism that uses its pseudopod to move and to eat
This happens when bonds are broken or formed
Single celled organisms with a cell wall and no nucleus
The structure after the cell wall that controls what enters and leaves the cell
Double rod of condensed chromotin
Tissues make up these