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Mardi Gras Math

For every 10 beads Ally catches she catches 1 stuffed animal. How many beads did she catch if she has 4 stuffed animals?
Mark throws 4 beads every time the float stops. How many beads will he throw if the float stops 5 times?
The floats traveled 12 blocks in the first hour. They traveled 3 more blocks in the second hour than they did in the first hour. How many blocks did they travel in both hours?
The floats have 8 miles to cover in all. So far they have moved 3 miles. How many more miles do they have left to go?
Sonny caught 3 beads every minute. How many beads did he catch in 6 minutes?
Moody has 56 stuffed animals to throw during the parade. He wants to have enough for the whole route, which is 8 miles long. How many can he throw every mile?
Four friends shared one king cake. What fraction of the cake will each friend get?
Maria has 130 beads to throw. She has already thrown 80. How many more beads does she have to throw?
Ms. Hall bought 3 king cakes to share among herself and 5 students. How much will each person get?
Tori caught 136 beads. Julia caught 155 beads. How many more beads did Julia catch than Tori?
John organized his 45 beads into groups of 9. How many groups did he make?
For every 6 beads Aaron catches, he catches 1 cup. How many cups did he catch if he has 36 beads?