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Weather and Climate

A tool that measures temperature
The direction the wind is blowing
The amount of weight or pressure provided by the air/ atmosphere
Meteorologists send this into the sky to get a view of what weather we're going to have
Weather conditions over a long period of time
A tool used to see the direction which the wind is blowing
Water that falls from the sky in many different forms
How hot or cold it is
A transition zone between warm air and cold air represented on a weather map by a red line with semi-circles on a weather map
How fast the wind is moving
A tool meteorologists use to measure air pressure
People who predict the weather with tools like weather balloons
A boundary separating two air masses there's a cold one and a warm one
An advancing edge of cold air mass represented on a weather map by a blue line with triangles
Water evaporates into water vapor to form this
The amount of water vapor in the air
The process of which water circulates through the oceans, atmosphere, and land
Something that changes every second every day
Air blowing from a particular direction
A tool that measures wind speed