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Dog Breeds

No spaces between words. I.E. Golden Retriever is "Goldenretriever" 
Ancient Chinese breed, name means "puffy-lion dog:
In 2015, this breed won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Small Breed with wrinkly, short-muzzled face
"Sausage Dog"
Preferred Police dog
Breed used to hunt lions (no spaces)
Associated with the Frigid North
World's largest dog
Dog originating from Japan
Spike from Tom & Jerry
Said to be the smallest breed of dog
Said to be the most intelligent of dog breeds
"The American Gentleman"
Extinct breed of Ancient Epirus(Greece)
Air Bud
Ancestors of Dogs
Australian Wild Dog
Famous Disney star; sought after for their coats in the movie
Beethoven or Cujo
Breed subject to much controversy in the US