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Ancient Greece

Leader who held power through force
People who had the right participate in government
Military training camp for boys
Occurred when the democracy went wrong
First known democracy
Greek word for city-state
A sickness in Athens that occurred in the second year of the Peloponnesian war
Government that placed power in the hands of a small privileged ruling class
All citizens directly affects the outcome of vote
Created by the founders of USA where citizens elect officials to represent them
Ancient Greek slaves
Governors and provinces of the ancient median and achaemenid empires
Formal speech delivered at a funeral
Fear of strangers
State of chaos and war
A high hills where fortresses were usually place
War galley with three banks of oars
Used to make sense of the world in in a non-religious way
Group of warriors who stood together closely in a square
City wrapped around country side
Mixture of blood vinegar and salt
Members of the Hellenic people speaking Doric
Period that lasted from 323 31 B.C. where ideas were spread
Early hoplite shield
Five chosen seniors chosen to enforce laws and handle taxes Sparta
Procedure where any citizen could be banished by popular vote
Territory under the immediate political of a state
Greek soldiers
Market place where meet ups, religious and political assemblies took place