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Black History Month

Who was the richest person to ever live?
Who is the top selling music artist of all time?
Satchel Paige became the oldest rookie to play professional _________ at age 42?
What did Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu discover in American football players' brains?
What did Garrett Morgan invent?
The first African-American to serve as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
Which female tennis player is widely regarded as the greatest of all time?
Shirley Chisolm was the first black woman elected to _______, was the first black major party presidential candidate, and also survived three assassination attempts during her campaign.
What female music artist holds the record for the most Grammy awards won in one year?
Who was a pioneer in the invention of medicinal drugs, such as cortisone, steroids, and birth control?
Which country in Africa did Oprah Winfrey build a school?
Who was the first African-American person to receive a patent in the U.S.?
What university in Pennsylvania is the first institution of higher education founded for African-Americans?
What boxer was known as the "Louisville Lip?"
Who became a self-made millionaire through her line of haircare products?
Journalist Ida Wells-Barnett refused to give up her ______ for a white man in 1884 and bit a conductor on the hand when he tried to force her.
Who shipped himself to freedom in a box during a 27-hour trip from Richmond to Philadelphia, also referred to as "Box?"
Who won the first ever Grammy for Best Rap Performance alongside D.J. Jazzy Jeff?
Who wrote "The Color Purple?"
Herman George Canady was the first psychologist to examine the role of race of the examiner as a bias factor in what kind of testing?