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Ancient Greece

This age was when Athens made a ton of businesses and huge profit.
The time between the end of the Persian war and the death of Alexander in 323BCE
A poem writer tat wrote about history.
Is a polis with great builders.
The migrants settled around the city of Mycenae, and so these Greeks were known as?
Society on Crete
This lasted 300 years. this is a gap in Greek history when civilization stagnated know one knows how much knowledge and culture were lost at this time.
Composed of a city and the surrounding countryside of about 50 to 500 square miles.
A poet-philosopher-merchant, to head of government. Athens supported him
Had a great military they were very strong and weren't smart.
This is a war between Greece and the Persians. There were multiple battles but the Greeks ended up winning
Is a few generally wealthy and powerful individuals ruled.
Multiple wars between Athens and Sparta. The first one being a civil war. At the end Sparta won.
Liked to be entertained and didn't like to work.
The favorite military target for the Mycenaean's?
Hellenic history began with an advanced society living on?
In the center of the Minoan empire there is a palace called?
During this time there were increased trade, literature, arts, and science.
Is a polis known for making text tiles.
A polis Know for being smart and powerful.