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Automation and Robotics Puzzle

Solve the multiplication facts and put the correct answer (in words) into the puzzle.
______ are what the robot would do internally before it acts out the programming.
Can assist with surgeries, transport materials in a hospital, or dispense medications.
_____ robots do welding, painting, and assembly.
Some exploration robots are going to _____ to help us learn about the universe.
These robots were designed to perform factory work
These robots perform complex tasks that simulate many human functions
This is what you see the robot do.
Involves a mechanical device that can imitate the actions of people
_____ robots are used for things like mowing a lawn or vacuuming.
This is a set of directions given to a robot
Involves the design, construction, and operation of a robot
A robot that makes something very specific, like a PB&J is performing _____
The 4 D's of robotics are dirty, dull, dangerous work or helping someone with a _____
A machine that performs complicated tasks
Help people with disabilities do things like eat, walk, clean, and reaching things
A robot that defuses bombs would be an example of _____
Robots that go where people can not are doing _____
Using robotics to teach problem solving is an example of _____
Is an example of an assistive robot you watched a video about.