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Ch. 12 U. S. History

Teacher: Joshua Peed
Respected Union general who had served in the House of Representatives in 1866
Lincoln's vice president
Laws that sought to limit the rights of African Americans and keep them as landless workers
Members roamed the countryside and terrorized African Americans
Forbid any state from denying suffrage on the grounds of race, color, or previous conditions of servitude
Guaranteed equality under the law for all citizens, allowed black people to vote
This measure created federal guarantees of civil rights and superseded any state law that limited them
Required that a majority of a state's pre war voters swear loyalty to the Union before the process of restoration could begin
White men who had been locked out of pre- Civil War politics by their wealthier neighbors
Separation of the races
A landowner dictated the crop and provided the sharecropper with a place to live, as well as seeds, tools in return for a share of the harvested crop
These people insisted that the Confederates had committed crimes by enslaving African Americans and by entangling the nation in war
Made it a federal offense to interfere with a citizen's right to vote
Politicians who aimed to repair or redeem the South in the eyes of Congress
During this era the federal government struggled with how to return the eleven southern states to the Union
Combining the schools, idea was unpopular with most Republicans
The tenant paid cash rent to a landowner and then was free to choose and to manage his own crop
To charge the president with wrongdoing in office