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Black History Month

Black American pioneer in Neo Expressionist art - Jean Michel _____
Until 1960, when Charles SIfford joined the tour, the PGA had a "_____-Only" clause
Madam CJ _____ was the first American female self-made millionaire. She made her fortune developing hair care products for black men and women.
Katherine Johnson was a mathematician calculating trajectories and launch windows for Project ______
The campaign that MLK was organizing when he was assassinated (two words)
____ Lacks - her immortal cells are still used in medical research to this day
George Washington Carver is best known for finding a multitude of uses for this crop
The first black flying squadron and group were trained at this university
Author of "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" - Maya _____
Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. was the first black person in this profession.
The first black winner of a Nobel prize (two words)
Freedom's Journal was the first black American-owned one
In 1870, the 15th Amendment guaranteed the right to ____ to people of color
W.E.B. Du Bois was the only black person among the original executives of this organization
Form of peaceful protest used at the Woolworth's lunch counter that began a movement against inequality (two words)