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Healthy Food Quiz

This is the best thing to drink. If you don't like it, try it with lots of ice or some lemon!
Half of your plate should be filled with fruit and foods from this other healthy food group.
It's okay to have a treat like this on special occasions - like a birthday!
What food group is rice, pasta, bread in?
This leafy green vegetable is full of iron and fiber.
This orange vegetable gives you lots of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps your eyesight!
This drink is full of sugar, even though the label may say it is healthy or a fruit.
You should have this many servings of dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) a day
Try this round crunchy fruit with peanut butter as a snack instead of choosing cookies or chips
Don’t skip this meal just because you are in a rush
This meat is a really good source of lean protein, as long as its not fried!
You should take this everyday so that your body has all the tools it needs to grow big and strong.
This great healthy food can be used to make a yummy green dip.
This type of rice is much healthier than white rice
This sweet natural food from bees can be taken when you are sick to help soothe a cough