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U.S. History C-Word #2 2021

Name _______________________
Date ________________________
Period # ___________
___ government is responsible for the printing of all money.
Members of the House serve a term of ___ years/
The ___ court is the highest court in the United States.
The vice president of the United States is Mike?
__ powers are those powers held onto by the states.
The supreme law of the land is the?
The only way to change the constitution is through the ___ process.
There are ___ members of the supreme court
You must be __ years old to vote in this country.
The president's ___ gives him advice.
The chief justice of the supreme court is John?
The United States purchased ___ from France.
_____ wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Some states have more representatives in Congress because they have a greater ___ than other states.
Our system of government provides for a system of ___ and balances.
___ powers are those powers given to the national government.
The commander in chief of the military is?
Ben Franklin was famous for being?
Members of the Senate serve a term of ___ years
All young men in this country must register for selective service when they reach the age of?