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Bee Biology

Hollow tube used to deposit eggs
Each leg ends with a pair of these
Two multi-segmented organs on the head of the bee
Another name for the honey stomach
The front region of the bee
Used to carry harvested proteins to the hive (2)
Bees have two pairs of these
Another name for simple eyes
They allow bees to see in multiple directions at once (2)
The gland between the honey stomach and the digestive stomach
A defense mechanism used by bees
The proper name for bee blood
The top side of a bee
Circulatory tube with muscles in the abdomen
The under side of a bee
The tongue
Internal respiratory tube structure (2)
Wax glands and most internal organs are in this region
Venom is stored here (2)
Holds freshly collected nectar or water (2)
External respiratory openings
The gland used to store semen for fertilizing eggs
Mouth parts used for grooming, working propolis, moving wax, and more
Chemical substance bees release for communication
They have five joints
They are part of the nervous system
The wings and legs are attached here
It is branched to trap pollen