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Mitosis Review

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What phase of mitosis is when a new nuclear membrane begins to form and the chromosomes begin to uncoil?
The sequence below is a representation of the cell _______: G1 -> S -> G2 -> Mitosis -> Cytokinesis
This process is known for forming 2 daughter cells that are genetically identical.
This is a protein that holds the sister chromatids together.
What phase does a cell spend most of its time in? (90%)
In which phase of mitosis does the DNA condense into chromosomes and the nuclear envelope breaks down?
Sister__________ are joined strands of duplicated genetic material.
What phase is it where sister cromatids are pulled apart and go to opposite sides of the cell?
What phase is it where the chromosomes line up down the equator of the cell?
Every cell in your body, other than sperm or egg, have how many pairs of chromosomes?