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Chemical relaxers

Has a ph higher than a10
Used in perming
Where the strength of the hair is
UUsed to change thr hair
Very strong alkalis with a ph over 13
Relaxers that do not require a base
When new growth occurs
Main active ingredient or reducing agent in alkaline waves
A Soft curl permanent
Semi straighten hair
HAs a ph of 4.5 to 7.0
Second layer of hairr
Process of restructuring hair into a new shape
Primary actio that occurs in the hair is a result of
Used to control the ends of the hair
A Leave in conditioner
Perms that process at room tempature
Neutralizer rebound the hair through
Outer layer of hair
The process of rearranging thr basic structure of extremely curly hairr
ROdding from the ends to the scalp
Process by which hydroxide relaxer permenently strightens hair
Subsections of panels into which the hair is divided for wrapping
Perm activated by a outside heat source
Used to parical straighten hair
Relaxes that require the use of a base or protective cream
Main active ingredient in true acid and acid balanced waves