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Physics Command Words

Give a plausible outcome
Use information supplied, as well as their knowledge and understanding to consider evidence for and against.
Draw approximately
Apply your knowledge and understanding to a new situation
Short answer required, not an explanation or description
Use numbers to work out the answer
Find an item of data for a given quantity
Set out how something will be done
Recall some facts, events or processes in an accurate manner
Provide structured evidence to reach a conclusion
Mark on graph using data given
Write a method
Describe the similarities/differences not just write about one
Put names on the diagram
Select from a range of alternatives
Use evidence from the information supplied to support an answer
Answer must be based on the information given in the question
Assign an approximate value
Use given data or information to obtain an answer
Specify the meaning of something
Produce or add to a diagram
Short answer, often just a single word, phrase or sentence
Give a reason for something happening