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Psychology Study Puzzle #1

The Looking Chamber Study followed the responses of ___ to various stimuli.
The Bobo Doll Experiment tried to support the Nature vs ___ debate.
In the Looking Chamber Study they determined that humans will look at objects and things they find?
In the Conformity Study participants were asked to examine ___.
The Car Crash Experiment studied how the ___ of questions effected the recall of accident victims.
According the ___ effect people act differently if they know they are being studied.
At the end of the Class Divided Study students were ___ and felt better because they now knew that people should not be judged on their appearance.
The Class Divided Study divided students up by the colors ___ and brown.
The condition that prevents people from getting involved in stressful situations is referred to as the ___ effect.
The Class Divided Study attempted to help students deal with the killing of ______.
The Cognitive Dissonance Experiment studied how people changed their behavior when exposed to?
The Learned Helplessness Experiment attempted to expand the findings of ___.
The ___ Conformity Study attempted to study how and why people went with the program when pressured to do so.
The Class Divided Study divided students into ___ of groups.