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History of Security Key Terms

Police – a private police force in the Colonies whose function was to act as a watchdog over the lower class and to enforce Puritan propriety
Level Two, Three, and Four _____ Officers – security officers with the responsibility of prevention before an incident or offense occurs, and whose job is prevention with limited powers and levels of training requirements
describes the transformation of policing in which public and private is being combined in new ways, making it difficult to separate public from private
security officer commission means an authorization issued by the board that entitles a security officer to carry a firearm
a person who is a peace officer under Article 2.12, Code of Criminal Procedure.
security – security departments in businesses or corporations
Governing body of Texas State government that regulates the private security bureau
Property – large tracts of public-access, privately owned space such as shopping malls, commercial centers, and gated communities
Police – the first regular police force in London, it began as a private police force for Thames River merchants
an officer or supervisor of a corporation or a general partner of a partnership who has the experience required by Section 1702.119 to manage a security services contractor or an investigations company
this chapter may be cited as the Private Security Act; General Provisions of Title 10
Solutions – combining physical security personnel with electronic security equipment to improve security measures and drive efficiencies in service delivery
security – the wide range of activities used by nongovernment organizations and persons to protect themselves from criminal endeavors
security – firms that sell their services to the public, including businesses, homeowners, and banks