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Women's, Greek, & Irish History

Known for Top Chef season 2, author of the Sweet & Skinny cookbooks, Food Network Challenge, and host of My Sweet & Skinny Life on Alpha channel in Greece.
 41st President of United States of America
 Sec. of Transportation Under Reagan
First female presidential nominee of a major party.
Novelist who authored the bestselling Interview with a Vampire series
The first female Secretary of State.
Miss America 1947
Film producer, director, screenwriter, and animator who cofounded The Walt Disney Company with his older brother, Roy Disney
The longest-serving First Lady of the United States
Film actor, screenwriter and director who won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting and is the brother of actor Casey Affleck
1st Female Federal Judge
Who is the first American Woman in space?
Frist woman to drive in the Indy 500.
What Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award winning actress, best know for her role as Rachel in Friends is Greek American?
The first woman on the Supreme Court.
What actress best know for Providence and CSI: NY is Greek American?
The first woman to win an Oscar for Best Director.
Who was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross?
The first woman to play in an NHL game.
Who is the first female speaker of the House of Representatives?
Founder of Civil Rights Movement