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Ancient Greece

Poem read to music
Government in which only a few have power
Area of land completely surrounded by water except or an isthmus
Greatest Greek poet
Foot soldiers in the army
Capital of Greece
Story that describes the adventures of a great hero
Two epic poems written by Homer
Greek military formation
A narrow strip of land with water on both sides
Student of Socrates
Story with a lesson to be learned at the end
Spartan slaves
Early civilization from the Greek mainland
An athletic festival that honored Zeus
Greek word for city-state
Greek mathematician
Goddess of marriage, wife to Zeus
General of Athens and great leader during Athens' Golden Age
Greek historian
Mythological home of Greek gods
Early civilization from the island of Crete
Body of stories about gods and heroes that tries to explain how the world works
Temple honoring the goddess Athena, overseen by Pericles
Government in which people rule themselves
Greek philosopher that taught by questioning
Storyteller of moral and ethical lessons
Female lyric poet
Leader who held power through use of force