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Texas History

Brother-in-law of Santa Anna
A Catholic priest who belongs to a religious order
Referring to an area that does not belong any country
A person of mixed Spanish and Native American blood
To forbid or prevent
Spanish explorer who drew an accurate map of the Gulf Coast in 1519.
Land set aside for Native Americans
An official count of the people living in an area
Texas Colonel who was executed along with his 450 men in Goliad in 1836
A military blockade of a city or fortress
A form of government where officials are elected
The money, property, or goods a bride's family gives her groom upon marriage
Commander who died at the Alamo
Spanish word for cowboy
Spanish explorer who conquered the capital city of the Aztecs
A person of Mexican heritage who considers Texas his home
A crude fort
First African-American to step foot in Texas
Gulf port city where custom duties were collected
Enforced isolation designed to prevent the spread of disease
To strengthen or build up
Father of Texas
Money that a government collects
To enlist people into the armed services
Native American word for friend or friendship