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Charmed Life Mia's Golden Bird

Hailey McGinnis
March 1, 2018
Ms. Coe
What is in the package with the charm?
What famous actress does Mia meet?
What does Mia need the money to pay for?
Mia's mom owns a ______
What does Lacy pay Mia to take pictures of?
Where does the story take place?
Good friends are a ________
What does Mia break?
What does Mia do to stay busy when she is bored?
What channel was Lacy's show on?
What does Mia arrive to school in?
What animal did Mia and her friends joke about?
Who gave Mia a charm?
What does Mia wear for good luck?
What armed forces was Mia's dad in?
Mia loves surfing and _______
Who is the author of Charmed Life Mia's Golden Bird?
Mia takes every chance she gets to _____
Sometimes _____ shows up when you least expect it
One of Mia's favorite birds is the _______
What is Lacy's grandmother's name?