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Art History

the oath of the _ was painted by David to inspire pre-revolutionaries in France
this Japanese temple contains a large bronze statue of the buddha
21st century artist Michel Tuffery created a statue of a bull out of flattened cans of _
this artist began the style of Cubism
20th century art period that featured bright, unnatural colors
a common symbol for stability in Ancient Egyptian art
the Incans made small gold and silver sculptures of _
21st century artist behind the "Pink Panther" statue
a Hellenistic sculpture of this representation of Athena inspired early Christian depictions of angels with wings
Polynesian cloths woven by women and imbued with spiritual mana
20th century architect who coined the phrase "less is bore"
the most important temple in the Incan empire, located in Cusco
Mayan limestone carving representing the belief that a wife's ritualistic masochism would please the gods
20th century German artists who restricted their work to basic colors and believed in the phrase "form follows function"
this artistic period featured scenes of love, youth, and nature with soft colors
a group of German expressionists formed in 1905
the painter of the odalisque, hated anatomy
a famous Rimpa piece is titled "White and Red _ Blossoms"
this Romantic artist's painting of a French uprising inspired multiple characters in "Les Miserables"
the ardabil carpet was made for the temple commemorating the founder of this denomination of islam
20th century artist famous for his use of bright colors and repetitive images
boards used for keeping a record of history by the Luba peoples, who had no written language