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Teacher: Mrs Margarita
The part of the insect's body where the legs are attached
Rooms inside the colony
Stage in ants' life cycle after the egg
Where the eggs, lava and pupa are cared by other ants
Stage of the life cycle where the larva suffer the most changes and becomes an adult
Where most ants live
passages in between chambers in a colony
Small ants that have wings and don't work
Part of the ant body that is use to cut the leaves
Ant responsible for laying eggs on the colony
Most ants in the colony are this type
A group of the same kind of insects living together
part of the ants ' body that holds the social food that will be shared with the colony
part of the ants's body that holds formic acid
To vomit partially food
what is the name of that substance produced by the ant,that helps with communication
The last segment of the insect's body.