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Revolutionary War

Word Bank     |parliament|     |patriot|     |Thomas Paine|   |intolerable acts|    |Yorktown|    |Saratoga|  |Great Britain| |Surrender| |Taxes| |Loyalist| |Second Continental Congress| |Muskets| |Thomas Jefferson| |Freedom| |Boycott| |Free| |Stamp Act| |Independence| |Trenton| |Cowpen|    |battles|   |red coats|    |boston tea party|     |george washington|     |colonists|    |crispus attucks| |boston massacre|    |colonies| |Cornwallis| |Tea|     
The first person to die in the revolutionary war
Who made the book "Common Sense"
The British had high ______ on tea.
Which battle was the turning point in the revolutionary war?
What does one side do when they have been defeated in a battle?
An american that is loyal to the crown.
What was the American government called when the war started?
The British government
The author of the Declaration of Independence
What were the British soldiers called
What is it called when you protest against a certain good or service?
What were the American soldiers called
The Americans were fighting for freedom and __________.
Which battle led to the victory of Yorktown?
What law was passed after the Boston Tea Party
What imported good did the British put taxes on
______ was the last battle of the war.
What happened in Boston that killed colonists including Crispus Attucks
Who were the colonists fighting in the war
Who was one of the leaders in the British army at Cowpens?
The first president during the revolutionary war
What were the people in the colonies called
What was it called when the 342 cases of tea were dumped into the harbor
What did the colonists want from Britain?
The British were fighting the 13 ________
What act was the first direct tax on the colonies?
George Washington united two colonies in the battle of ________ and Princeton.
What type of guns did everyone use in the war?
Many ______ make up a war
The colonists wanted to be _____.