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History: Napoleonic Era & Industrial Revolution

Teacher: Tyler McKay
Proper manners.
Not realistic.
______ Bonaparte.
Animal food.
The belief that one's own country is the best country.
A person with money to invest.
Warfare that is loosely organized, including volunteer soldiers,surprise raids, etc.
Combat troops on horse.
A light, thin liquid made by boiling a cereal such as oatmeal or water.
Pride in one's country.
A country in which the power rests with citizens entitled to vote.
A person who runs a business, taking a risk in order to earn a profit.
A submission of a law to the direct vote of the people.
A round of shots.
A representative of government who works with other governments for the good of his or her country.
Extremely hungry.
Foot soldiers in an army.
A steam engine designed to pull cars on a railway.
An act forbidding anyone except members of the church of England from holding political office or entering the profession.
Control of one part of the world by a powerful country, often for commercial advantage.
An economy based on industry, not agriculture.
The Russian Monarch before the Russian Revolution of 1917.
A complete change in something, the overthrow of a government.
People who come to a battlefield to steal belongings of the dead and wounded.