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His teachings lead to the new religion called Islam.
Religion based on Muhammad's teachings and ideas that began spreading throughout Arab tribes in the 600's C.E.
Title meaning "successor to the Prophet" used in government and religion in Islamic society.
Nomadic Arab herders of sheep and camel.
First tower of Islam
Branch of Islam formed in the 600's C.E. that believed only imams should decide religious and worldly matters. Followers believed that successors should be relatives of Muhammad.
a building at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque
Muhammad's successor who was given the title caliph. He will bring the Arabic tribes together, and expand Islam's influences northward.
Branch of Islam formed in the 600's C.E. who believed agreement among Muslim people should settle religious and worldly matters. Followers believed successors should emulate Muhammad.
A physician known for his textbook Canon of Medicine.
Fourth tower of Islam
Third tower of Islam
Political capital
Followers of the religion of Islam.
Muslim places of worship.
Holy book of Islam.
Muslims who made Spain their home in the 700s. C.E.
Migration of Muhammad and his followers in 622 C.E., marking the first year in the Muslim calendar.
Fifth tower of Islam
Religious capital
Spiritual leaders who, according to some Shi'a Muslims, should be direct descendants of Muhammad.
Tower attached to the outside of a mosque, from where a crier would call Muslims to worship.
Popular collection of Muslim folktales.
Instrument used to calculate latitude by looking at stars.
Second tower of Islam