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Mostly about Birds

Teacher: Bonnie
Is this bird making fun of us?
To join or fasten with stitches
This big yellow flower has a big circle of seeds in the middle. Birds love them and people like to eat them too.
A special aptitude or ability for doing something well or a stylish way to dress: with a _______.
This food for birds is mainly fat and should only be put out in the winter.
These mothers lay the eggs in a very tall tree and when the baby birds are ready they have to jump down to their mother who calls to them from the ground or water.
_______ Birds follow cattle to catch the insects that the cows stir up from the grass.
Very bad or unpleasant
This clue is a part of 14 down. Together they name the bird. See 14 down.
Quiet during nesting season, these birds have noisy, inquisitive parties from late summer on.
_________ Birds travel across oceans and far distances to winter in a warm climate.
A room to watch TV in a house or a place where a bear lives
This bird pecks a hole in the tree to make a home but sometimes he pecks a whole in a person's home. Some have a bright red head.
He led the Israelites out of Egypt across the desert and parted the waters so they could cross the Red Sea (Bible Story)
Another word for sick
These fly but they're not birds. They do make honey.
A long stemmed bright yellow flower
A favorite treat that many birds dig up.
A home for the chicks
A large bird of prey with a massive hooked bill and broad wings. It's known for its keen sight and powerful soaring flight.
This fishing bird has wild spiked feathers on his head. He dives headfirst into the water in a spectacular vertical dive. He has a royal name.
14 down & 19 across make 2 words for this: This bird is gray and its call is a nasal, catlike meow.
It's warm out, so have a ___ drink.
The sound and movement of the water in this kind of bird bath is one of the best ways to attract birds.
This bird has a tame, friendly nature but is aggressive with other birds of it kind. It also has a red breast and a white ring around the eye.
This bird is big and all black. He's also tricky. He pretends to hide his food to fool other birds.
Boys grow up to be _____.