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Chapter 8- "Ancient Greece"

State- owned slaves captured from conquered lands.
Homer composed two of the world's greatest stories, the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Minos built this beneath his palace.
A substance from which other things are made.
The highest point in an ancient Greek city; upper city.
A character who faces a challenge that demands courage, strength, and intelligence.
A ___________ is a form of government in which citizens have a direct role in governing.
A small fleet of Greek warships.
A ruler who took power illegally.
____________ is a government ruled by a small group of elite, landowning families.
A powerful city-state.
An ___________ is a form of government ruled by a few powerful citizens.
Very old stories told to explain events or to justify beliefs and actions.
The city's marketplace and social center for sports, festivals, and meetings.
A government ruled by a single person, such as a king.