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Spelling list 21

Teacher: Homistek
The Irish language used to teach ducks to read
A sound fish say
A green monster
Lime green soda
A sports court with many types of sports involved at once
A large bird who lays eggs in cactus
A type of fish
The pay Ali received for mowing his uncle's backyard
A bird with three eye lashes
An additional letter introduced by Dr. Seuss in "One Beyone Zebra"
Birds who lay eggs near bluffs
A bird built a little bit wrong
A creature who lives in wild weeds
A creature with knots for a tail
An ocean creature
A fleet footed beast who can run like a deer
A place to buy a green kangaroo
A strange and mean bird that chases after Peter T. Hooper
The person who puts the dot on a lowercase i
A nonsense pronunciation of "much" Dr. Seuss uses to make a rhyme
Something gross
To wear out
Cleaning supplies for pink spots
A sort of cow with 98 utters
Birds who lay eggs near cliffs