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Ancient Greece

The famous poet that wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
The king of Macedonia that was assassinated
Someone who uses their mind and reason to explain the world
A widespread disease
A public market and meeting place in an ancient Greek city
The Parthenon was built as a tribute to the goddess _____________.
A ruler who takes power with the support of the middle and working class; not necessarily cruel and violent
To murder for political reasons
Archimedes discovered that a ___________ and lever can be used to lift very heavy objects.
A high rocky hill on which early people built cities
The most famous Hellenistic city; located in Egypt
Most of Greece is covered in ____________ which added natural protection from invaders.
A type of serious play that often ends in disaster for the main character
A payment made to a powerful nation by a less powerful nation for support and military protection
The Greeks thought that people from ____________ were barbarians.
A city with its own traditions, government, and laws
Someone or something that can live forever
Describing Greek culture after the death of Alexander the Great
A person considered to be wild and uncivilized
The cutting off of an area by an enemy; closes an area to travel and trade
A Greek princess thought to be kidnapped by Prince Paris of Troy
An area of land surrounded by water on at least three sides
A member of a rich and powerful family
____________ had a very strong navy.
The famous Greek scientist known for developing geometry.
A long poem that tells a complex story
______________ had a very strong infantry
A form of government in which citizens have power and govern themselves
The king of all Greek gods
Athletic competition originally held in Greece to honor Zeus