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Bonding & Chemical Reactions

Teacher: Mr. Gast
Charge when an atom loses electrons
Type of chemical equation that shows the conservation of mass.
Type of bond where atoms lose or gain electrons
Charge when an atom gains electrons
True or False / Atoms are always destroyed and created during chemical reactions
Beginning substances in a chemical equation
Energy needed to start a chemical reaction (two words)
Large number placed in front of a formula identifying the number of molecules.
If you see these forming it would be evidence of a chemical reaction
What the arrow means in a chemical equation
A change in this would be evidence of a chemical reaction
Type of bond where atoms have electrons shared between them.
Term used to describe a reaction that released heat energy.
A reaction that requires no activation energy
Total number of atoms in 3NaOH
Atoms with this valence number don't react to form compounds.
Name for the outer energy level electrons
Ending substances in a chemical equation
Type of reaction where the reactants and products are contained and not allowed to escape. (two words)
Small number to the lower right of a symbol representing the number of atoms
Type of covalent bond when oxygen shares two pairs of electrons with another oxygen atom.