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John 5

ESV used
The ___ that Jesus was doing bore witness that God sent Jesus
Whoever hears and believes my word has ____ life
Jesus said that he does not receive glory from ____.
The ___ Jesus gives is not from man
The Jews told the healed lame man that it was not ____ for him to carry his bed on the Sabbath
Number of years the lame man had been lame when Jesus healed him
A multitude of _____ lay by the pool
Jesus was making himself ____ to God by saying he was the Son of God
What day did Jesus heal the lame man?
Whoever does not ____ the Father does not do so for the Son either
Jesus referred to this man as a "burning and shining lamp"
Jesus told the Jews that greater works will be shown so that they will __
Jesus told the people that if they believed the writings of ___, they would believe him because this man wrote of Jesus
The Jews were _____ Jesus because he was healing people on the Sabbath
Jesus went to Jerusalem for this event of the Jews
Aramaic name for the pool in Jerusalem
Jesus has the authority to execute ___ because He is the Son of God
Jesus told the Jews that he was working just as his _____ is always at work
Jesus said,...the Son can do ____ of his own accord...."
The Jews wanted to kill Jesus because he not only healed people on the Sabbath, but also said that ____ was his Father