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Spelling 8

John was caught __________ a boat onto the beach.
I am _________ the ________ from all the long work hours.
This house is very ____________ located near the train station.
The sports car ________ with ___________ as it zoomed past the spectators.
It was __________ __________to expect changes to be made overnight.
The __________ in this house is very functional.
____________ ____________ helps ease traffic congestions.
The car accident cause a huge __________ __________.
The weather has been really ___________ lately.
Without _________, everyday activities can become difficult to perform.
Slowly and __________ he rose from the armchair.
A more environmentally friendly thing to do is to use _________ _________.
A train fault cause a delay for the __________.
The _______route from Vivocity to Sentosa.