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World History 13- Africa & Body Parts

Social groups that a person is born into and cannot change
Uncivilized person
Comes out at night
In Ghana, the King would be succeeded by the son of his
These extend from your shoulder to your hands
Long poem
The Portuguese tried to destroy this culture in Africa
To reject
group of families
These forest kept the northern kingdoms of Africa from spreading South
The National Honor of the _____
Africa is this many times larger than the US
Lake found in north-central Africa
Ocean to the west of Africa
What you listen with
History passed down from generation to generation
group that traces decent through mothers
Kings Mutota and Matope expanded this Great African city
You breath with this
How most people on the Savannah make a living
Berbers first used this to cross the desert,
To pull
Ibn Battuta was surprised to find the people in West Africa were not strong_____
Muslim leader with absolute authority
Cuts through middle of Africa
Curved structure forming a ceiling
an Arab sailboat
You see with this
Sundiata was considered the ____ Prince
Longest river in Africa
Mali's last strong king
Emotional poem
The buying and selling of goods in large numbers
Female sibling
First settlers of Northern Africa
Color of blood
To cancel
A person who moves from place to place
Mountains in Northern Africa
Important government official in ancient Rome
Holds up your head
area of high, flat land
Major product of Ghana, used to season food
Slavery caused this to happen to the African culture
First European to cross the Death Road
Large desert in Southern Africa
Queen of the Ethiopians
This "Good Hope" is found at the bottom of Africa
River near central Africa
Trade city on Africa's east coast
Rebirth of a spirit
Large desert in North Africa
These people spread their customs throughout Africa
In Ghana, only the Kings could keep this type of gold
This are on the end of your feet
You walk with these
These were herded in Africa
Mediterranean city, part of African trade route
Ocean to the east of Africa
Drakensberg _____
Sits on top of the body
To reject