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Chemical Puzzle

Numbers in front of each substance in a equation.
In transition metal group, atomic number is 26
In the periodic table, right side of metalloid.
A substance in 2 or more elements are combine.
Elements react with oxygen.
From results of electrons sharing.
Substances that are made
Formed by the electrostatic attraction of oppositely charged ions.
If all the atoms in a substance has the same identity it becomes
Substances that are made.
A colorless, highly flammable gas, the chemical atomic number is 1.
Element composed of one type.
In a atom has negative charge
Horizontal rows of elements.
No shapes and volume
One substance break down in 2 more.
Unit of temperature. change from Celsius need add 273.
a particular kind of matter with uniform properties.
In group 18, period 3.
In a atom has no charge.
Two elements replace in a reaction.
Radio of mass to volume.
Same elements have different number of neutrons.
A liquid mixture in which the minor component. Mix.
No shapes but has volume and easily compressed.
Has both metals and nonmetals.
The vertical column in the periodic table.
2 or more substance combine to be one.
Anything has mass and takes up space.
Matter has shape, volume, not easy to compressed.
a solid material that is typically hard.