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Old Testament - 1116 Kings

Faithful workers remodeled this
The Priest who cared for Joash
They were locked out of the city gates during the siege
The men who were sent by the king to fetch him were burned with fire
What did the widow in debt have to borrow?
Jehu was used by God to bring judgment on his house
He was a hidden in the Temple and became king when he was 7
What did the two women agree to kill and eat?
Judah went into captivity ........... Israel
The youths who mocked Elisha were probably ....
Elisha's servant
During the siege people ate dove poop and the heads of
He took Judah into captivity
The man who said that God would have to open the windows of heaven for there to be food was .... when the gates were opened
Syrian general who was healed of Leprosy
When the Syrian army besieged Samaria there was a great ...... in the city.
The woman who made a room for Elisha was a .........
God judged Gehazi because he did this
The noise of chariots and horses made the Syrians ........ their camp
Land Elijah was from
All that was left of Jezebel were her hands, feet and...
He build the underground water tunnels into the pool of Siloam
Schools for the prophets were there
She killed her grandchildren in order to become queen
Elisha's main request was that he would have a double...
Hezekiah removed this from the Temple and gave it to the Assyrian king to keep the peace
Elisha called them out to attack his mockers
He was mocked by youths and labelled a "baldhead"
An army general who became King and killed Jezebal
Elisha raises a dead boy in this city
An external record of the events between Moab and Israel is found on the Moabite ...
Jezebel's body was eaten by them
The number of groups (of 50) who went to get Elijah
Elisha healed the waters at Jericho by adding this
A Serpent, which became an object of worship, was made of this
What did the three kings run out of when they went to battle Moab?
The spirit citizens have for their country
God told him that the battle was the LORD's
The wife of Ahab
The tribe who rebelled against Israel after Ahab's death
In this book you read about the revivals in Judah
He rid Judah of Idol worship
Which river was Namaan told to dip in?
Ahab stole his vineyard
He was fore-shadowed by Elijah and Elisha
The shadow went back ten degrees for him
He fell through the lattice of his bedroom ... and died of his injuries
Used many cruel means to subdue their enemies
Tiglath-Pileser was a famous and feared Assyrian .......
Jezebel built a temple to him in Beth-el