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Weather & Climate Review

A cold air mass quickly moving in and pushing warm air up creates a __________.
Rain that freezes when it falls through a layer of freezing air
Wet and cold air masses are called ________.
Amount of water vapor in the air
______ air sinks because it is more dense, creating a convection current
The wetter, green, lush side of the mountain
The conditions of the atmosphere at a particular time and place
Thunderstorms and tornadoes form in _________ clouds.
Rain that freezes when it hits the ground or a cold surface
Thick clouds that cover the sky like a blanket are ______ clouds.
The dry, desert-like side of the mountain
Dew point and ________ are needed for clouds to be able to form
Anticyclones are areas of _____ pressure, and have clear, dry weather
_______ air holds more water vapor.
The average temperature and precipitation an area receives over a long period of time