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Historical Ladies of STEM

Teacher: ReSource Gang
This Nobel Prize winning physicist hails from Poland
She's the Earth, she's the world, she's ____!
The name of Li'l Sourceress' puppy
The Mother of all motherboards
This Sylvia penned recommendations for ocean health, not novels about Bell Jars
This gaming super star brought Nancy Drew to a new generation
She studied primates in Africa
Ursa is named for a constellation in the shape of a ______?
The first name of the woman Lacey is named after? CLUE: First name of No. 9
Whoa, ____! She was the 1st African American woman to fly a plane.
First woman elected president of the American Physical Society
She's one evolved lady!
Not Johnny, but the woman behind the environmental movement
This Admiral had grace and coding smarts in the 40s
This yellow-haired gal teaches girls how to engineer with play pieces
Amalie's favorite school subject
First American woman in space