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Second Grade Spelling

Teacher: Vanessa Brink
The fireworks ___ with a BANG!
I ______ get to go with you!
My favorite ____ is The Big Bang Theory!
You should always stand to say the pledge to the _____ Flag.
The submarine was ____ the ocean.
Babushka was a very ____ woman.
We went to see ___ Grandparents this weekend.
The word tiny ____very little.
May I go get a ___ of water please?
She _____ around when she heard me say her name.
This time let's ____with the letter P.
The party was___ before we even got there.
We will not continue ____you are quiet.
She ____her mother if she could come over.
Get up Jim, it's time to go to ____.
I want my ___ cupcake!