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Rocks, the Rock Cycle, and Soil

Rocks arranged in layers looking like stripes
Rock formed from the deposition, cementation, and compaction of many layers
Wearing away of rock due to exposure to the air
Living or once living material
Preserving a natural resource so it is not wasted
Oceanic crust
Igneous rocks which cooled outside a volcano
Mixture of clay, rock particles, and organic matter in which plants grow
Pressing together of different layers of rock sediment
Solid rock underneath layers of soil
Bits of rocks and minerals deposited at the bottom of a body of water
How shiny a rock looks.
Fertile soil containing humus
Rock formed deep within the earth through extreme heat and pressure
Rocks formed from broken pieces of older rocks
Part of soil formed by decaying organic matter
Mountainous crust
The feel of something
Rock that is formed from cooling of magma or lava
Wearing away of rock formations with water or wind