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Organisms and the environment

Name ____________________________
The science of identifying, classifying, and naming organisms based on similar characteristics,, genetic history, or other data
Organisms that contain a nucleus; genetic material is contained within the nucleus
Smallest unit of living
Group of organisms of the same species living in an ecosystem
All the different kinds of organisms living within an ecosystem
An organism that cannot make its own food; it obtains its food by consuming plants or animals
Consist of only one cell
Requires two parents to reproduce; each parent provides different genetic material to the offspring.
Single-celled organism that do not contain a nucleus; genetic material is contained by the cell membrane
Nonliving parts of the ecosystem; including water, air, soil, rocks, Sun, rainfall, temperature
Organisms are classified into one of these three categories; the broadest classification of organisms
Requires only one parent to reproduce; offspring has the same genetic material as the parent
Organisms are classified into one of these six categories; classification based on presence of nucleus, ability to make own food, how organisms reproduce, and number of cells
Consists of many cells
An organism that can make its own food
Consists of all the living and nonliving factors existing within a specific area
A self-contained living thing.
Living parts of the ecosystem; includes plants and animals